Monday, August 25, 2008

Move on George!!

George, if you're reading this, please do everyone a favour and move on. Clip-art like the one's you produced 20 years ago are from a time when computers ran on 32k of memory, had 8 colours, went 'blip' and where Winchester hard drives only existed in large corporate firms and science labs. Whilst everyone else has accepted technological progress, gracefully thrown all their old junk to the public domain and started afresh, you're clinging to the past like a scared child clings to it's mother, frightened to cope in the big commercial competitive world. I mean, it's not like your works are 'classical masterpieces', are they?

You proudly claim that Imageline, Inc. holds one of the largest archives of high quality vector-based clip art illustrations, page designs, digital logos, cartoons, and animations in the world. For an example of this 'high quality' just look at the image below. A crudely drawn, black and white picture even a five year old can draw. It's probably sad for you to know but everyone in the graphics design world is laughing behind your back.


George, you are not losing out because of piracy. You're losing out because no one wants to buy your rubbish drawings any more, get over it!

Time to move on George. Go do something less taxing instead, like gardening. Enjoy life instead of growing more bitter and resentful each day. You had a chance, now it's over, walk away and stop pestering everyone and wasting people's time with your petty and hate-fuelled quest.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Georgy Porgy

It seems one of our sources has discovered a photo of George and surprisingly, it's exactly how we all perceived him to look like. So here, we proudly present a picture of this fossilised old fart who spends the remainder of his pathetic life attempting to sue people.

Maybe if he makes enough money, he can go on a diet course, or at least buy a bigger belt to hold up that fat, obese stomach.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just so you know who you're dealing with George!

One of our people received an email from George asking "is there some reason you are afraid to identify yourself"?

Let's straighten this out for you then, shall we Mr. Riddick.

We are in fact a small non-named, non-profit closed group comprised of individuals from various professional fields and industrial sectors such as IT, Law, Advertising, Journalism, Media, Government Organizations and NGOs. Our people reside in over two dozen countries around the world and across every continent. We have no 'leader' or executive committee, no hierarchy or formulated structure. We do not recruit or advertise and we most certainly do not have a website, or any published direct contactable information and just harness various resources of the Internet as and when we see fit.

Our purpose is to weed out fundamentalists who use patronising and threatening methods for nothing more than their own personal agendas and financial gain. We research the hidden and unlawful mistakes they (always) make, then subject these people to the same ridicule they dish out by giving them a taste of their own medicine.

Our use of humorous naming conventions in emails and signatures is just to evoke a tongue-in-cheek reaction but I can assure you, we are as relentless in our pursuits as the people we uncover and have the absolute full intention of letting the world know what nasty little hypocrites they are.

We're not after money, recognition or anything at all. We just enjoy kicking the idiots who enjoy kicking everyone else, especially when they prey on the defenceless and weak.

So, in answer to your question; We are afraid of nothing, we just choose to remain anonymous because an invisible enemy is far more effective than a visible one.

We are everywhere and we are nowhere.

Welcome to our realm.